Britney Spears shows off pink biкini in stripрer pole video

Britney Spears shows off pink biкini in striрper pole video

Britney Spears is still living her best life after her recent divorce, or at least putting out videos that pretend she is.

Spears is no stranger to posting sensual videos on her Instagram, but she stunned her followers with a video of her working a stripper pole while wearing a pink biкini.

Spears, who has always had a great physique, has exhibited no signs of ageing, and her manoeuvres on the pole astounded everyone who saw the video.

The video of Britney on the pole was synced to music, notably ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ by Beyonce, and she wore a biкini with a gold chain trim.

Britney moved her long blonde hair as she danced, wearing a black choker around her neck and black platform shoes.

The stripper pole was pink and matched the biкini, but this wasn’t the first time the singer had used the pole.

Previous postings showed Spears dancing on the pole in a leopard print biкini, which drew attention.

Spears’ social media independence came with the end of her conservatorship in November 2021, and she has sought to live life to the fullest ever since.However,

such freedom has not come without cost, since her marriage ended in a tough divorce amid rumours that the man in issue was even recruited by her father.

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