Half ոaked Brit in handcuffs! The singer published a shocking photo

Half ոaked Brit in handcuffs! The singer published a shocking photo

Singer Britney Spears wrote a detective story in honor of Halloween and illustrated it with her own photos in the title role. Followers found in the text a direct reference to the personal life of the 39-year-old pop star.

While all the artists were figuring out what character they would become on All Saints’ Day, Britney didn’t have to look far. The nightmare she went through made for a spooky Halloween story.

The famous American published pictures in which she is half-nаked, in a pink mini-dress, in heels and handcuffs, lying on the floor of her own house.

On the neck and face noticeable artificial makeup in the form of blood. She accompanied her photos with a story in which there is a hint of her recent victory in court.

“5:45… She arrived… The porter said she was alone. Then she went with her friends to a bar and drank a glass … She took a taxi, but a neighbor found her on the floor. Who could do such a thing? She had a wonderful family, but she, of course, was not around, ”Britney began her story.

Spears’ fans and stage colleagues appreciated the hint at the star’s personal life. “It’s been 13 years for me, so I’m a bit rusty! Mom and Dad, now I can drive my car!” — the singer wrote in her post.

“The story is called ‘Queen of Pop and a Murder Mystery’?” “I think she was killed by a ‘wonderful family’”, “The family reference is just the best. She excelled as always!”,

“She doesn’t need any costumes, and it’s even a little sad”, “Our Halloween queen”, “Everything is over, and now you can be your own family without anyone else,” wrote fans Britney on Instagram

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