58 yearold Elizabeth in a dress with a neckline to the navel came to the star party

58-year-old Elizabeth in a dress with a neckline to the navel came to the star party

The British star attracted a lot of attention with her outfit. At her age, the actress looks so excellent that young girls bite their elbows. The English beauty has an athletic build with a flat stomach and toned skin.

There are also no obvious age-related changes on Elizabeth’s face, so it’s impossible to believe that the actress is almost 60 years old․

Hurley is so pleased with her body that she is not averse to showing it to fans in all its glory once again. That is why the social networks of the actress are full of vacation photos, sometimes in very provocative biкinis․

For secular evenings, Elizabeth prefers to wear not “grandmother’s” outfits, but frank dresses with all kinds of cuts and cuts. One of these British star demonstrated during a party in Mallorca. Hurley chose a scarlet dress for this event with a very deep neckline and a high slit on the thigh.

The Gossip Girl star adorned her décolleté with a small heart-shaped diamond pendant, and large earrings flaunted on her ears.

In this form, Elizabeth attracted a lot of looks, because her breаsts literally fell out of the tight outfit and in some angles, fans were even able to see the charms of the actress.

“Hurley, as usual, chose the most vulgar dress”, “All the guests are in elegant outfits, but Elizabeth again decided to stand out”, “Already under 60 years old, and everyone is trying to look younger. It looks ridiculous, ”said the fans.

On the net, Hurley is often asked how she manages to keep her body in perfect shape. It turned out that the British star has an effective recipe

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