A forlorn and neglected puppy was discovered tethered to a park seat in Mexico beside a tragic note

A forlorn and neglected puppy was discovered tethered to a park seat in Mexico, beside a tragic note

The owner dumped his Golden Retriever in a playground and left him with a scribbled note.

Marcela Goldberg, an employee of the animal rescue Mascotas Coyoacán, discovered the forlorn dog tied on a seat. When she arrived on the scene, she discovered the unfortunate pet sitting alone on the seat, without food and water, despite his physical state.

Marcela attempted to contact the dog, Max, but he was violent and scared, even attempting to bite her. With the assistance of the dog trainer, he was finally untethered. Max’s personality changed once he was set free; he was scared, but not as hostile as before.

Marcela read the message, in which the explanation for the Golden Retriever’s abandonment in the playground was stated.

It was discovered that the prior owner had abused the dog, and one of the great people of that family, worried about the state of his pet dog,

decided to leave him there in the aspirations that he would be adopted and given support and compassion by some good-hearted people. Marcela got countless responses and sponsorship proposals after posting the sweet dog’s heartbreaking story online.

Boston was rescued by a wonderful family after only a few days at the rescue.

Boston would be pleased and cherished in his new permanent home, we hope.

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