A homeless kitty was discovered confined but thanks to the kindness of others he was reintroduced to society

A homeless kitty was discovered confined, but thanks to the kindness of others he was reintroduced to society

It is incredibly difficult for stray kittens to survive; the absence of a warm meal, as well as brutality to them, creates a great impact on their small spirits.

They’re all in bad shape, even the kitty from Boston, who was fortunate enough to be found in time to be saved.

Frisbee was discovered and pulled out by rescue before being sent to the Salisbury Dog Rescue Organization.

The disc was in poor condition. He had rotting teeth and the yarn was filthy and in tatters.

He was discovered with horribly twisted up hair (that has never really been previously encountered), was extremely skinny, and was starving.

The cat was collected as part of a “trap, tag, and resume normal” program, and it was quickly discovered to be highly sociable to those who need dental work.

The kitty was groomed, his teeth were cleansed, the granules were removed, and he was given a shower. Frisbee has altered dramatically in a single day.

«We pray Frisbee finds a home shortly!» He captioned his shot on the group’s official social media site.

Our hero was thankfully taken away just a week later, and she now has a favorite armchair in his new home. The fur that the volunteers cut off has regrown.

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