After a flurry of wedding rumors She finally speaks out about her unexplained diamond engagement ring

After a flurry of wedding rumors, She finally speaks out about her unexplained diamond engagement ring

After already being originally sighted with the jewelry on Sunday, RI is still sporting it on her right index finger, causing many to speculate that she and ASAP Ruff are engaged.

She isn’t afraid to show off her jewels! Once more, the superstar showed a massive diamonds chastity belt.

RIR seemed to be having a good time with all the rumors, as she walked out for the night on Tuesday, February 22.

Spectators questioned her about rock as a woman sauntered down a street in a short flowery duster and whirling silver pattern maxi dress. “What is this antique ring?”

She made a witty remark. Here’s a short video of the hilarious interaction. The “Point – to – multipoint De Playback” diva has been seen wearing her massive circle diamond bracelet before.

ASAP Fern’s hers and have been the subject of speculation. Wayne’s engagement began when she initially showed the ring while buying baby items at’s set on Tuesday,

February 21. Her enormous ring, which she wore with a colorful S n and reduced trousers, was anything but informal.

If Cliff proposed to the “Omg” artist, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. She knew marriage was coming in January, according to a person close to her.

Our source revealed, “Rocky has a fantastic relationship with Rihanna’s relatives and it’s only a question of time already when he suggests.”



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