After Kour’s he posted a Papa Picnic with child Photographs

After Kour’s he posted a Papa Picnic with child Photographs

He went out for lunch with his child And on Tuesday, April 25. After 1 reduced lunch alone, the dad couple was Nobu in Hollywood, USA.

As seen in These Pictures and videos, Ye was dressed in black trousers and a similar sweater, with the sweatshirt, pulled over his head.

Kanye’s costume choice appeared to be an attempt to blend in with the crowd, but it didn’t seem to work out with the famed musician.

West, on the other hand, had no intention of concealing themself from the photographers.

Ye wore a black S n with colorful blue and yellow patterns, as well as dark pants when he and Kim Kardashian’s eldest kid exited Restaurant.

East’s dark hair was braided into lovely chest-length strands. The dinner date between Kanye and his kid was much for two, who had just been separated by countries owing to marriage.

North accompanied her mother to the Italian wedding, but her brothers did not accompany her. Nevertheless,

Kanye made several trips to Tokyo and New York with his supermodel wife Kaylee Jones who has a striking resemblance to his retired Kim.

Even though Kanye and Kim are divorcing, they are prioritizing co for the benefit of their four kid. From moments on They, it appears like they are providing a good period.

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