After months of investigation these two are now officially engaged

After months of investigation these two are now officially engaged

Oliva Jade Grommet and Jacob Outpacing have confirmed their relationship! The Esprit actor, and digital media sensation, first were seen out and about in Southern California in December 2021.

When Jakob and Kaia Ziegler first appeared on the scene, they had just been apart for a month and we’re taking stuff slowly, including us Magazine. In 2021,

some inside insider told the magazine, “They each recently got out of engagements, so they’re not jumping into something permanent.”

“Things seem to be going well already, and there are flames amongst two.”

The pair was photographed strolling their canines around an L.a. park late in May, indicating that the sparks had continued to increase.

Derek has been connected to supermodel Bianca Ridley ever since. Liv and her retired Jack Guthy split up in July 2021.

Per the Us, their split was caused by pressure from Olivia’s parents, Modern Family star Lori Huffman and designer It that Alyssa, who was also engaged in the university admissions scam.

Jacob’s romance with model Kaia spanned from 2020 to 2021, with the lovely pair breaking it quits in December of that year.

“Being able to be with anyone I respect, wherein we don’t expect anything from one other, and having a secure, steady connection like that has changed my outlook on the prospects of life,” she says.

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