Amazing!!! Thousands of ants across the crew

Amazing!!! Thousands of ants across the crew

A nature photograph from Canada, captured an uncommon crow behavior known as “ants” by mistake. Nevertheless, he discovered it after his images went viral all over the world. The bird sits on the sand in the iconic picture, with thousands of insects filling its skin.
This activity in birds was originally observed in the 1830s.

That day was very amazing because the bird landed next to Tony the Canadian photograph at Swan Lake Nature Reserve in Victeria, he was amazed. One of the birds appeared to be was about to take a dirty bath. Her conduct, on the other hand, was strange: she lowered her wings on the gravel and acted erratically.

The bird took a leap into the sky before landing on the gravel walkway. His actions struck me as odd. He believed the bird was in peril, but none of the other crows looked disturbed. Austin knelt and snapped a couple of close-up photos. When he got home, he expanded the image on his personal computer screen found that the crow was covered in ants.

And it was only after he posted images on Fb that he understood the scope of what he had captured. Scientists discovered that this behavior, known as “anting,” is highly rare and perplexing. The first instance of this was observed in turkeys. The photos’ popularity, on the other hand, came as a pleasant surprise to him.

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