An original way to cheer up kids in the hospital during Christmas Eve

An original way to cheer up kids in the hospital during Christmas Eve

Special for the kids who had to spend The holidays at Texas Health clinic, the clinic arranged a unique gift. Four labradors dressed in Christmas pajamas appeared out of nowhere. The Texas Health clinic has made the decision to make its smallest children happy. The youngsters were overjoyed when the furry visitors showed up unannounced at the facility.

The Golden Retriever type of animal is a gentle giant that adores both youngsters and adults. Four therapeutic pups, pay visits to folks who aren’t getting enough attention. Both the canines and their masters donned identical red and black checkered bathrobes to create a festive environment. The children were able to pet and embrace the labradors in addition to looking at them.

The children were overjoyed when the dogs goes to meet. Parents said that young children were overjoyed and couldn’t stop grinning.
The Pawsitive Play program includes four incredible animals.

Its mission is to improve the emotional well-being of patients in the hospital.
Service animals help people who are having difficulty dealing with a staying in hospital, having new illness, or hospital attention.
— at the Texas Medical, for example.

Since 2016, the program has been running. Puppies have been trained for a long time and use it all in a variety of clinics.

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