Ch.Brown Is really Happy For Rihanna persuing Her kid ‘s arrival He Loves & caries about Her

Ch.Brown Is really Happy For Rihanna pursuing Her kid ‘s arrival He Loves & caries about Her

Going to pursue Rihanna’s child’s birth, people close to her ex, Ch. Brown, have revealed that the songwriter has “nothing except dignity and affection” for her circumstance.

She apparently gave birth to her kid with rapper A$AP Rocky, and her ex, Ch. Brown, started sharing his public response.

“Chris chose to send her his warmest greetings, and he’s also not seeking to invent drama for her because of Rocky,” a source Purely told HollywoodLife.

“Publishing it on his story is his considerate means of finding out.” He knows she’ll hear about it, and he’s confident she’ll be pleased

because he’s letting her and the rest of the world realize he’s trying to send nothing except for positive vibes,” they proceeded.

“It’s true, Chris is incredibly happy for her. It’d have been difficult for him to deal with Rihanna having a child with that other man in the past, but he’s matured now, and all that cargo is behind him. It’s now all about dignity and affection.”

Another source told HL that Chris “couldn’t have been happier for her,” given that RiRi has always wanted children.

“About to become a parent has been the best gift he has ever received, and he knows Rihanna will think the same way,” they said.

“Because he didn’t feel right texting her, he decided to applaud her and Rocky on social networking sites.” He is not attempting to step on toes, but is genuinely pleased for her.

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