Dirty and sloppy: Britney in a sweat-stained dress horrified fans

Dirty and sloppy: Britney in a sweat-stained dress horrified fans

They began to worry about the mental health of the star.

Britney Spears has long turned from a young “doll” pop princess into a freak.

In recent years, it seemed to many that as soon as the singer was released from the care of her father, she would begin a normal life. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different.

As soon as the court declared Spears relatively capable and free, she immediately went into all serious trouble. Crazy dances, naked photos, strange public statements… Even the wedding with longtime lover Sam Asgari could not stop this flow of madness.

Now Britney has posted a video that really excited fans. On it, the singer dances in a dirty knitted dress with sweat stains on her chest. “I was hot in the car … I saw pink graffiti and decided to play!”, The star signed this video.

Subscribers were horrified.

“Oh my God, please someone help her.”

“What is happening to her? Someone please take her to the doctor.”

“I feel that soon she will shave her head again (remember, with a shaved head, the singer’s mental disorders and subsequent recovery in rehab began – ed.). This is already a sign that she is mentally ill.”

Perhaps the trigger for even more strange behavior was the problems in the Spears family? Recall that a few days ago, Britney suddenly went to rest in Hawaii – and not with her husband, but with handsome manager Cade Hudson.

The couple have fun on sunny beaches and post hot photos on social networks.

And the journalists who saw Britney on a walk managed to notice that the star no longer had a wedding ring on her hand. By the way, she looked very strange in the last pictures without Photoshop.
Meanwhile, the ring – a symbol of love and marriage – was removed by Asgari. A few days ago he was photographed by the paparazzi

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