Emily wore a sheer dress! the sight of her will make you feel uncomfortable

Emily wore a sheer dress! the sight of her will make you feel uncomfortable

The model herself did not expect that embarrassment awaited her.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most famous models in the world.

But besides this, Emily is also a trendsetter. Many girls on the planet look up to the former Victoria’s Secret angel, considering her style to be sophisticated.

And indeed it is. Ratajkowski tries even while walking with a child to demonstrate fashionable images that one wants to repeat.

Moreover, unlike many of her colleagues, the model does not stand still, but constantly experiments with images. So, the star can wear both oversized and fitted outfits.

Emily showed off one of these outfits during a party at New York Fashion Week. The model wore a black sheath dress with large embroidery.

The “highlight” of the image was that the outfit was completely transparent. Due to which it was possible to notice that there was no underwear on Ratajkowski.

Emily, apparently, did not expect that when she was photographed with a flash, her body would become completely “naked”. To somehow save the situation, the former Victoria’s Secret angel covered the spicy place with her hands.

Fans of the model felt that Emily dressed up in too revealing outfit. Some suggested that it was scary to wear it even at home, not to mention the event.

“To wear such a dress, so that later the whole evening you will be embarrassed. Apparently, I don’t understand something”, “If only I put on underwear”, “She put on this dress, but I’m ashamed”,

“Although it looks elegant, it’s still defiant”, “Some image turned out to be unsuccessful”, “ Too vulgar”, “Emily turns into a freak,” Internet users expressed their opinion.

In general, the model can often be seen in candid photo shoots and defiant clothes. Emily loves to show her body, which is really beyond praise

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