He insultеd his wife, strаngled the child! Angie reminded her husband of the incident in the cabin of the liner

He insulted his wife, strangled the child! Angie reminded her husband of the incident in the cabin of the liner

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie show off their relationship in court. Representatives of the actress came out with sharp criticism of the new lawsuit of her ex-husband.

The Hollywood actor has filed new documents with the court. Brad claims that Jolie refused to sell him her half of their common French vineyard Chateau Miraval because of her own “vindictiveness”. However, the Maleficent star’s side is of a different opinion.

It is alleged that Jolie refused the deal for a different reason: According to Jolie, Pitt tried to do everything possible to prevent her from talking about his child abuse. The story of the family’s ill-fated flight in 2016 has long been in the public domain.

Then Pitt mistreated his eldest son, and also poured beer on his wife. Angelina spoke about it. A source close to the actress assured that Brad himself refused to complete the winery deal with the actress if she did not agree to silence about his behavior.

The Fight Club actor wanted to keep more than $8 million of his wife’s share of the sale so that if she did talk about his behavior, he would keep the money for himself.

“He cannot run away from the fact that he insulted his wife, verbally and physically attacked her and the children. The actor even strangled one of the children and hit another, ”Page Six quotes the words of an insider.

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