He is Attempt at DC’s Bang Ya Shoes Dancing Gains Traction Youtube clip

He is Attempt at DC’s Bang Ya Shoes Dancing Gains Traction Youtube clip

Justin is well-known for his dancing routines. However, a recent campaign at Osbourne’s “Beat Ya Foot” routine drew mixed reactions.

The Cry Me a Rain performer walked to the platform wearing a white click properly done with something like a triangular design, beige slacks,

brown shoes, and a timepiece in a clip submitted to TikTok by @cakesscam. So overnight, Timberlake was singing “SexyBack” at the It somewhere in the Water Festival in Washington,

DC, and he took a break to do DC’s “Hit Ya Feet” routine. The description on the picture said, “Couldn’t Think I Met JT.”

Viewers are split on Justin’s effort at his own meters rendition of the dancing, which has gone viral on social. “Me after a coupe beer believing I achieved anything,”

1 web person said, while someone else questioned why he dressed so casually before the concert, asking, “Why did he shop at Eddie Bauer before the performance?”

Others were more concerned with the dance itself. Another user remarked, “Father at a wedding sort of dance,” while another retorted,

“C’mon Julia Stiles the Save the Last Dance.” “Somebody put the sneakers squeaky sound over this please ” and ” thank you,” another person suggested.

At the event, the erstwhile NSYNC band drew notice for reconnecting on stage with Paco and singing “Rock Your Body.”

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