Here are some details about Jennie, who never gives up in the face of difficulties.

Here are some details about Jennie, who never gives up in the face of difficulties.

You can visit Jennifer Garner’s Instagram page every day if you seek positive emotions. The actress posts backstage photos. rides a lawn mower, or dances in front of the camera. She also makes fun of herself and her friends.

At CHEERY, we peeked at Jennifer’s Instagram and stuck there for a few hours. And then we realized that we just have to share the things we’ve found out about our favorite actress with you.

Jennifer still keeps her Teddy Bear.

The actress still keeps her favorite children’s toy. Once, she posted a photo on her page where 5-year-old Jen is hugging a teddy bear, and then she posted a similar photo which was newly taken, next to it. “45 years later, you’re still my main squeeze, Teddy Bear,” Garner wrote.

First, she wanted to become a teacher, and later, a chemical engineer.

In childhood, Jennifer dreamed of becoming a teacher like her mother, Pat, who taught English in college. After school, the future actress decided to follow in her father’s footsteps who was a chemical engineer, and enrolled at Denison University in Granville. However, she changed her major from chemistry to theater soon.

The actress managed to remain friends with Ben Affleck after the divorce.

Moreover, she was one of the first to congratulate Ben and Jennifer Lopez on their wedding. Garner sent them a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wished them happiness. The actress believes that keeping a friendly relationship with her ex is important for their 3 children who need a father in their life.

Jennifer knows how to play sax.

In high school, she used to play in the marching band. But her sax hasn’t collected dust in a closet. Once, Jennifer decided to wish her friend Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday in a creative way. She played this song and wrote on her Instagram, “Many moons ago, my high school marching band played this song for homecoming. Today I play it for my boo. We have a groovy kind of love. Happy birthday, Lady.”

The actress has 2 sisters she’s very close with.

Her sisters are Melissa and Susannah. Their parents raised the girls with strictness. Jennifer and her sisters were not allowed to wear makeup, pierce their ears, or dye their hair when they were teenagers. The actress also recalls with a smile, “As a little kid, I was tortured by my sisters’ birthdays, as their celebrations were within 2 weeks of each other and right after Christmas. Poor me! No one pays any attention!”

She has an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

She was conferred this degree at the Commencement ceremony at the college she graduated from in 1994. “When your dear friend becomes a beloved professor at your alma mater and hoods you with an honorary doctorate of humane letters, it is a very good day,” she wrote on her Instagram.

The actress performs some of her stunts herself.

In 2021, Jennifer shared a video from behind the scenes of the comedy Yes Day where she was lifted in the air on the ropes and imitated a parachute jump. And after the action thriller, Peppermint was released, Shauna Duggins, her stunt double, revealed that Garner did 98% of her own stunts for the movie.

But Jennifer is not really fond of roller coasters.

During the filming of Yes Day, she had to take a ride on a roller coaster. According to Jennifer, she didn’t really enjoy it. “Shooting at Six Flags Magic Mountain is a dream come true. Unless you hate roller coasters,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Until recently, the actress has worn only ear clips. In 2006, she had her ears pierced to wear a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings during the Academy Awards, but her holes closed up after that. She decided to have her ears pierced again only at the age of 48, and she was worried whether her father would approve of it. Eventually, Jennifer conferred with him, and he supported her decision.

She draws energy from the nature.

Jennifer bought the farm where her mother used to grow up, and now spends a lot of time in the countryside. From time to time, she posts photos with farm animals and claims that meditation in the morning is the best way to charge you with energy for the entire day.

Jennifer shares her favorite recipes on her Instagram.

Some of her recipes are tagged with #PretendCookingShow. Recently, she shared a recipe for meatballs that was adapted for children. And once she shared a recipe of cinnamon toasts and wrote, “This perfect updated cinnamon toast makes for an indulgent Sunday morning or after school snack — and will give you instant Mom Hero Status.”

The actress is not afraid of awkward situations.

Once, Jennifer shared a video on her Instagram showing how she spilled coffee on her white pants. “Back to school hectic craziness and spilling coffee on the back of your pants. Staring at the walls over here. Happy Friday!” she wrote.

Jennifer is a co-founder of a company producing organic, fresh baby food.

The company where the actress is also a chief brand officer is called Once Upon a Farm. It was founded in 2018, and Jennifer works hard to promote it. She often shares news from the events organized by the company and reminds us how important it is to follow a healthy diet.

She once decorated a tree to support the LGBTQ movement.

In 2022, Jennifer decided to decorate a tree in her garden with multi-colored ribbons in order to show her support for the LGBTQ movement. After that, she shared a video on her Instagram tagged with #HappyPride. By the way, it’s not the first time the actress has done it. In 2020, she also supported Pride Month by decorating a tree with ribbons, toys, and birdhouses.

Jennifer Garner helps children from poor families receive early education.

The actress serves on the board of trustees for the organization Save the Children USA. She promotes national literacy, nutrition, and early education efforts. Jennifer often visits families who take part in the program Early Steps to School Success. She also promotes the idea of healthy dieting for children, “We want all children to have access to organic, high-quality nutrition. We may be small but our hearts are mighty.”

She’s not afraid to show her face without makeup.

The photo in which the actress wears only a bathrobe and home shoes because she had to take her daughter to the school bus on time got more than half a million likes. “She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy,” Jennifer wrote.

Do you follow any celebrities on Instagram? Do you know any curious facts about them?

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