How and why Will Smths decided to slap the comedian durig the Oscar ceremyony this year see photos

How and why Will Smths decided to slap the comedian during the Oscar ceremony this year see photos

Will Smith is not to be trifled with.

At the weekends 03. 27, at the Oscar event, Chris R. learned a lesson so when King approached him stage after he made a not very pleasant remark on Jorda p.Smith, that has some problems with hair.

The violent encounter erupted after Rock, 57, made a joke about P. Smith’s shorn head, “I adore you, Jada. I absolutely can not wait in enjoying G.I. Jane 2, correct?”

“That was a beautiful one, alright?” Rock tried to joke as the crowd went quiet.

Smith, 53, then stormed the platform, slapping the comic across the face. “Wow, Will Smith just beat the s—t from out me!” Rock exclaimed as he went to his chair.

The squabble, though, did not end there. Smith

“Wow, man. Rock answered, “It was a G.I. Jane joke,” to which the actor screamed back, “Yes, get my kids names through your f—king lips!””

Before moving on to the Best Movie segment, the Saturday Evening Live veteran reassured Smith he’s “coming to.” “That was the best onein tv history,” he informed the crowd.

One of the witnesses says that the other stars who were already there tried to console the problem and hold the fighters in order to stop all this.

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