I made it for you! Bella showed her bаre breаsts on the set

I made it for you! Bella showed her bаre breаsts on the set

American top model took part in a daring photo shoot. Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid) appeared in a transparent outfit that left no room for imagination.

The catwalk and gloss star has worked in numerous campaigns and has never been afraid to take risks for the sake of art. This time, Bella presented the About You spring collection in an original way, which she designed herself.

The 26-year-old top model appeared on the set with a practically bare chest.

Hadid tried on a lace top made of translucent burgundy fabric. The most beautiful woman in the world added to the provocative image by ditching the bra and showing more than it is customary to show in even topless pictures.

Bella completed the look with blue leggings, a brown miniskirt and matching moccasins.

The muse of Hollywood makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury showed a few more outfits. The model appeared in a white top and a black midi skirt with a slit. Then Hadid posed in a T-shirt and a scarlet leather jacket. The star refused the skirt, remaining in white panties.

At some point, the shooting moved to the bed. Bella appeared in a closed scarlet dress. The model added to the image of sеxuality, lifting the skirt and illuminating the white stockings. Younger sister Gigi Hadid also pushed back the fabric at the décolleté to reveal the bustier.

The model does not hide that he is proud of his creation. “I designed the collection. The most important thing, as it seemed to me, could be useful to you in your wardrobe. I made it for you! Thank you, About You, for helping create our second collaborative collection,” said Hadid.

Fans of the model are vigorously discussing her provocation. “I wonder which of the products impressed you the most?”, “Where should women wear such a transparent top that exposes their breasts?”, “It looks like Bella undressed, not dressed,” users said.

Hadid recently showed how her appearance is distorted during an exacerbation of Lyme disease. The former lover of rapper The Weeknd admitted that she hates her reflection in the mirror.

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