It was even embarrassing! Britney lowered her shorts in the video

It was even embarrassing! Britney lowered her shorts in the video

Even loyal fans shamed the star.

Britney Spears has been impressing subscribers with her mysterious pictures and videos for several months now.

Sometimes it seems that the former pop princess has finally lost touch with reality. Her crazy dances and strange outfits cause anxiety among the followers, and they again and again begin to build conspiracy theories.

And many are looking for Britney’s Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) for secret signs that she needs help.

But then everything seems to be getting better. Spears shows fans a new stylish haircut or an extremely successful make-up, shows herself with her lover, and fans are sincerely happy for their favorite. A few days pass, and everything repeats.

The new video of the singer was a little out of the general scheme. At least, judging by the reaction of her loyal subscribers. Looking at how the singer is spinning in front of the camera, gradually pulling off her mini-shorts, many even felt embarrassed for the star.

By the way, the outfit of the pop diva also did not arouse enthusiasm among the commentators. They reminded Spears that it’s not 2001, but 2021 and it’s time to dress more modern. And ideally, also according to their age and physical form.

But Britney is unlikely to listen to anyone. It seems that she was forever stuck in her 18 years when she suddenly took off to the top of fame and the whole world was in front of her, and it seemed that a cloudless future lay ahead.

Perhaps, with her outfits from the 90s, she is trying to return to the past, and it could even be touching if it didn’t look so ridiculous.

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