J.Lo Takes A Bath After being guests there & tv Prizes Photographs

J.Lo Takes A Bath After being guests there & tv Prizes Photographs

JLO, attracted the attention of her admirers on July 26 after she posted a selfie of herself resting in a bath. The artist,

who was getting willing to was guest Academy later that same day, looked stunning while sitting with her smartphone and sporting an appearance countenance.

Her long blonde hair was put up into a chignon with just some strands cascading down, and she wore enormous silver earrings.

“Joy is taking a long hot bath (especially if you do have to make a fast phone call!) Jenny captioned the photos,

“See you tomorrow @MTV!!!! #SelfCareSunday #MorningBath.” His fans flooded her with praise almost immediately.

Jen waswas in a dark jacket and long black skirts at the Vma Film & TV Accolades soon after soaking in her hot bath.

Her hair is up and split to the left, and she wore high platform boots, a choker, ring, and jewels to complete the appearance. She proudly posed on the event’s red carpet, clutching a similar clutch bag.

She was also honored on the occasion with the renowned Generational Award, which she accepted with a passionate speech.

“I’d want to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to my existence. Jennifer added,

“I want to thank the individuals who have brought me joy and those who have broken my emotions.”

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