Johnny D. and Amber H. had a Complicated marriage and relathionship the chronology you can find in the article

Johnny D. and Amber H. had a Complicated marriage and relationship the chronology you can find in the article

J.Depp and Amber had a very Difficult marriage story tat is a fact. The trial of Amber and him is on hold until May 16. Learn so much about his\her correlation and their present court.

Notify (6/1/22): After a long and grueling 6-month trial, it was released on February 1 that J. Depp had won his libel trial against his old girlfriend Amber after the memebers of the court made a decision.

They determined that her proclamations in the Columbia Post – operative, which prompted him to sue her for slander, also were grossly offensive against Johnny.

She countersued victor for $100 mill, going to claim libel as well.

He received a $5 million punishments money wasts and also a $10 mill offsetting effects award. His reparations were limited to $350,000 by the court of law.

Amber was earned $1.5 millafter the judges decided that Adam Waldman’s remark was factually inaccurate.

She issued a statement on Twitter obeying the verdict, expressing concern about the verdict’s potential ramifications. “The sadness I experience daily is indescribable.

“I’m disheartened that the weight of evidence will not be enough to rise strong to my ex-disproportionate dad’s power, impacts, and influence,” she did tweet.

During the opening address his attorney stated that Amber’s claims are unfounded and have harmed the actor’s prestige.


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