Kim K proves to her fans that she is not vegetarian and she also eats meat

Kim K proves to her fans that she is not vegetarian and she also eats meat

Kim K is embroiled in a major, but fictitious, feud with netizens! The Keeping Up With the Royals actress is responding to viewers who

slammed her for her Above Meat advertisement, claiming she can’t take any meaty pieces on film and appeared to “mock” chewing.

“That ain’t eat that in a video or I’m trip,” one reviewer said on the clip’s Instagram story, whereas the other added, “But u chose not to put everything in your lips…

Is this something you’re currently eating? “Hahaha, lol.”

She, on the other hand, responded in a recent Instagram account from May 31, sharing related cost outtakes in which she was enjoying several of the tree company’s products.

“Go on, people,” she remarked over one of the clips, which featured her cutting the hotdog bun from the veggie hamburger.

“Going to get rid of a few of the carbohydrates,” she said something like this on set before biting into one of the fake chicken nuggets and exclaiming, “So amazing.”

It’s unclear why the company didn’t utilize any of the photos of the reality star eating the meal or taking extra direct nibbles, but she appears to be doing her best as their “Chief Tasting Advisor.”

Jimmy is offered a variety of dishes made using Beyond Processed meat in the complete video commercial. “I’ve taken in because I believe strongly in Above Meat is purpose.”

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