Lips dry, straw on head! Angie turned ugly because of jealoսsy of the ex-husband

Lips dry, straw on head! Angie turned ugly because of jealoսsy of the ex-husband

Pale and rather depressed – what happened to the 47-year-old actress? And what does the happiness of Brad Pitt have to do with it?

The last few days, Angelina Jolie has been in the process of acceptance – the FBI has officially closed the investigation of the actress’s quarrel with her ex-husband Brad Pitt on board the airliner.

We are talking about a scandal many years ago, when a star couple sorted things out with children and one of the sons came to the defense of Jolie, having received a blow from Pitt in the form of a slap in the face.

Today, February 20, new footage from 47-year-old Angie got into the network – the star clearly began to look worse. In addition to the depressing gray and black colors in clothes, Jolie stopped monitoring her appearance.

Her hair literally looked like a washcloth – withered and weak, they looked as unhealthy as possible – the actress obviously overdoes it with diets, which led her curls to this state.

Angelina also has an extensive deformation of her lips – it is known that she previously resorted to plastic surgery and reduced her mouth.

And with age, the tissues began to thin, in connection with which the celebrity decided to add volume with the help of Botox. The result is on the face – her lips turned into a “duck mouth”.

However, we can safely say that now Jolie is approaching the crisis of 50-year-olds and it is likely that depression is also associated with a feeling of losing her relevance.

Brad Pitt has a new professional turn and a bright relationship, and Angelina remains a lonely and most importantly unspoken “bitch” of Hollywood, which scares her fans away.

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