Mariah staged a water-style party with a beautiful swimsuit

Mariah staged a water-style party with a beautiful swimsսit

Mariah Carey recently celebrated her 54th birthday (or “anniversary”) in the most Mariah Carey way possible: with a luxury vacation in which she wore a neon green bikini and wet suit and frolicked in the water:

And, of course, jumped off the boat for a “celebratory splash”!

The Elusive Chanteuse also received a lot of love from fans for what she’s dubbed “International Lamb Day,” which she celebrated by writing “I’m sitting here watching videos and reading comments.

I swear I’m sitting on the stairs by myself, in tears of joy like…OMG the lambs have always been and continue to be UNPARALLELED!!!!! ‘Please keep it in mind!'”

She continued by saying, “I want to like, repost, and comment on all of your tweets!!!! It’s exhilarating in a good way.”

If you’re wondering what the “anniversary” thing is all about, Mariah explained it by saying, “I don’t have birthdays.” No, I only have anniversaries. That’s what I decided to do. And I’ve noticed that people who refuse to have birthdays simply do not have them.”

Mariah was accompanied on her trip by her children Moroccan and Monroe, as well as her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, who surprised her with a sweet post “One of my favorite photographs. Ever. Happy Anniversary, my lovely Queen.”

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