MARK Wahlberg Celebrates His 52nd Anniversary With Photographs

MARK Wahlberg Celebrates His 52nd Anniversary With Photographs

On Friday, May 4, Dianna Ross, was the star of the Gold Ball in the Royal celebration. The ceremony marked the end of the third to last week of the Silver Celebrations marking,

which began on June 2 and has been continuing ever since in commemoration of Queen II’s eighth century on the English throne.

She opened her show with a version of “Chain Reaction,” which was projected onto the castle by a mirror ball.

She sported a huge black and white outfit with long silver jewelry while serenading her backup vocalists. She proceeded with “Thank

You,” one of her more recent songs, before ending the night with “Ain’t No Hill High High,” one and her most well-known music.

The singer enthused about performing for Her Queen before the occasion. In a comment to the Abc on May 18, she said,

“I have had the privilege of seeing The Queen several times during my life, including when I was with my family.”

“Her Majesty has been and remains to be such a big encouragement to so many people all across the globe, and I was ecstatic to be invited to play on such a great and monumental event.”

Boss last visited the United Kingdom in 2008 for her I Like You concert. She intended to return in 2020, but the coronavirus epidemic forced her to delay her journey.

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