Military and armed services working pet form amazing connection

Military and armed services working pet form amazing connection

During the current conflict in Ukrainian, which has displaced many people and their animals, the Potus took the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the war’s greatest valiant troops.

This little puppy is a bomb-sniffing animal who helped to keep with his ears. The 6-month Jack Russell and his owners won the Fidelity Award throughout a presentation in Key on Saturday.

The duo has received accolades for their efforts in safeguarding thousands of civilians on the ground from deadly threats.

When visiting Key, expressed interest in seeing sponsors receive the accolade with a floating tail.

«I desire to give this to them who have already been demining our territory,» he stated.

«Also with our warriors is a lovely little benefactor who sometimes assists in the defusing of bombs,

but also educates our youngsters on the norms of security in mine-affected areas.»

After police suspected him of neutralizing hundreds of bombs since the beginning of the conflict, the supporter came to fame.

Since the commencement of the massive invasion, a pet named Patron has assisted SES rescues in Chernihiv in defusing approximately 90 incendiary materials.

He has earned a plaque as a heroic figure. These animals always help us during our life and giving medals to them is the less that we can do.

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