Not Christian! Fans are horrified by Heidi’s Easter nаked photo

Not Christian! Fans are horrified by Heidi’s Easter nаked photo

The German celebrity often shows bold photos to subscribers.

German supermodel, TV presenter and actress Heidi Klum stunned 10.7 million followers on Instagram with a candid picture she posted in honor of Easter.

In the photo, the celebrity poses by the pool with bunny ears on her head, a black thong with a star print and covering her bare chest with her hands. Demonstrating a toned figure and a flat stomach, she sends a kiss to the camera.

Comments on the photo, as well as on all recent posts by Heidi, are closed, so users could not express their admiration or indignation.

The catwalk star knows how to shock the audience. Look no further than her appearance at the 21st annual Halloween party at Sake No Hana in New York, where she dressed up as a giant earthworm.

Heidi recently posed for Vogue Greece’s April 4th Anniversary issue, where she also appeared on the cover in a very daring look. She posed in a $5,500 Ferragamo gown in flowing silk organza with sheer trim and sparkling crystals,

which consisted of a long skirt and a translucent top that clearly showed no bra.

18-year-old Leni Klum, the daughter of a supermodel, also often appears in the photo either in lingerie or without it. Mother and daughter starred together in an advertisement for a famous lingerie brand.

Focus previously wrote that Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz shared nude photos in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary.

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