Olivia Wilde’s First Video Response When J. Sudeikis’ Divorce Documents Are recieved see photos

Olivia Wilde’s First Video Response When J. Sudeikis’ Divorce Documents Are received

O. Wilde’s immediate reaction to former J. Sudeikis helping her with court paperwork at CinemaCon has been revealed. On 05 2, TMZ posted video from the event, which shows Olivia, 38,

completely unaffected after receiving and perusing the papers at the front of the crowd. The video begins with Olivia on platform discussing her film Don’t Worry honeyher fiancé Harry S. and Florence Pugh and can be watched HERE.

Olivia’s focus is abruptly drawn away from her to another off-camera package marked “utmost confidentiality” to Olivia, who inquires, “Was it for me?” “How about immediately already?”

As Olivia grabs the envelope and remarks on how “strange” the delivery was, the audience chuckles. She allows access and checks inside,

wondering if it’s a script, to find custody documents from him, parents in their kids Otis, and Daisy, .

Following looking over the materials, Olivia says, “Oh, okay, got it.” With the package in her fingers, the comedienne clearly puts on a positive spin and begins to talk regarding her movie to the 4,100 spectators.

A source told Limited treatment that the details of the package were true, and that Jason was informed of where his previous girlfriend would’ve been presented.


“Mr. Sudeikis had no previous information of the time or location at which the package would also have been handed since that would’ve

been totally up to the court service organization concerned, and he’ll never support her getting issued in such an abusive way,” the informant explained.

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