Painful look and crazy look! Jessica filmed outdoors, scary sight

Painful look and crazy look! Jessica filmed outdoors, scary sight

The actress seems to have stopped taking care of herself.

Jessica Chastain is considered the standard of beauty in Hollywood.

Every appearance of the star of the movie “Interstellar” on the red carpet delights the followers. Jessica adheres exclusively to the classic images characteristic of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

This is hair styled in a wave, always scarlet lipstick and an elegant fitted dress. It is not surprising that in the classic image, the red-haired beauty caused such delight.

But what a shock for the public was the release of Chastain on the street. The actress decided to take a little walk, running into a coffee shop. But the image was so untidy and strange that the fans at first did not even recognize the star.

Jessica, with her hair loose and unwashed from a previous styling, hid behind sunglasses to hide her lack of makeup.

The Hollywood star wore a black Moncler down jacket, sweater and tight leggings, which she tucked into ankle boots. Jessica had a backpack hanging from her back, and in her hands she clutched a small fabric bag with a bright print.

The whole image of Chastain turned out to be somehow unattractive and untidy, and the actress herself looked sickly.
Fans were shocked when they saw the pictures of the paparazzi. For a long time they could not believe that it was really Jessica.

“Can’t be! Why does she look so bad? Has something happened to her?” “Jessica is not the same anymore”; “On the red carpet and in life – like two different people”; “Jessica is beautiful, but this image is too unkempt and scary,” said Internet users.

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