Penny, 52, wears a string biкini while her husband has two sons

Penny, 52, wears a string biкini while her husband has two sons

While Rod Stewart was on tour in Australia, his wife, former model Penny Lancaster, visited an Australian beach with her two sons, Alistair and Aidan.

Penny Lancaster spent a day at the beach in Australia while the sun was shining. The 52-year-old former model, photographer, television personality, special British constable,

and wife of Sir Rod Stewart spent Friday (March 31) enjoying the surf and beach while Rod, 78, was preparing for his concert. Rod has been on tour with Cyndi Lauper in Australia for two weeks, allowing his family to enjoy a summer holiday in the southern hemisphere.

Penny strode along the beach in a multicoloured paisley-print string biкini that showed off her shape, her long, blonde hair flowing in the sea breeze.

Lady Stewart took her and Rod’s kids Alastair, 17, and Aidan, 12, with them. According to Page Six, the trio hung out by the sand, with the males swapping their biкinis for wetsuits before going surfing. Penny stood on the beach and cheered her lads on.

Rod and Penny married after a seven-year engagement in 2007. Rod’s seventh and eighth children were born to her in 2005 and 2011, respectively. Rod has four other women’s children: Susannah Boffey, Alana Stewart, Kelly Emberg, and Rachel Hunter.

Penny finished her training for the City of London Police after seeking to become a special constable in 2021.

Her interest in police work was aroused when she competed in the reality television show Famous and Fighting Crime, in which she assisted officers with their regular responsibilities. Rod told the Mirror in February that his wife would be working at King Charles III’s coronation on May 6.

Sir Rod, who was knighted in 2016, will remain in the United States and continue to perform as part of his Caesars Palace residency.

“I believe I have outstayed my royal welcome.” I believe I will delegate this task to someone else. “I’ll be in Las Vegas,” he stated. “However, my wife will be on duty as a police officer.”

Penny discussed her experiences with BBC One’s Crimewatch Live, according to the Daily Mail. “It’s about 200 hours a year, which equates to one duty a week in the City of London Square Mile, including bridges,” she explained.

“It’s mostly foot patrol, but I also get to try out other aspects of policing, such as working in vehicles, working with sniffer dogs, and operations like the London Marathon, the Lord Mayor’s Show, and [Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee].”

“I believe that being a mother and having the patience and empathy to deal with teenagers in particular helps,” she continued. “You think policing and crime a lot of the time, but you’re dealing with victims.”

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