Pinocchio a beautiful feline with a smoothed and twisted face is as adorable as can be

Pinocchio, a beautiful feline with a smoothed and twisted face, is as adorable as can be.

This cute cat called Pinocchio survived various important health problems thanks to Partners for Life Rescue Organization and is now living his finest kitty life.

The story started when Jacqueline (Friends for Life Protection) noticed a photo of Pinocchio and decided to help.

The feline was exhausted, emaciated, and flea-infested when he arrived at the charity.

He was three months old at the time, although he appeared to be a kitten aged five to six weeks. She realized right away that now the cat had flaws.

Mel took the decision to adopt the cat after learning how much attention it will require.

Pinocchio, or Poke as he is affectionately known, will be fostered at some point. He is currently unavailable for placement due to major healthcare issues.

This adorable kitten is adored by Mel and her companion. Despite the difficulties that life has thrown his way, he remains loved and content.

He seems to have a heart of gold. On his journey, he falls in love with everyone he encounters. Mel compares Pinocchio to a delicate angel. He is a powerful man, but is yet a gentle soul.

In spite of the challenges Mel and her friends face in caring for the cat, they are delighted to be of assistance to this charming and lovable cat.

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