Pregnancy ‘I Can’t Stand Me,’ Ri laughs as she wears a long fleece jacket and camel shoes

Pregnancy ‘I Can’t Stand Me,’ RI laughs as she wears a long fleece jacket and camel shoes

Is it conceivable that while expecting, She has upped her fashion style? An emphatic “yeah!” is the reply. On Friday (March 5), the pop star confirmed it when she shared a picture

of herself wearing a new outfit that included a luxury cashmere coat and camels over-the-knee heels on Facebook.

“I can’t stand me,” the caption on the amazing photo collection (above) teased. Her beautiful overcoat and complementing heels made her appear as she’d just walked off the cover of The Magazine.

She completed the ensemble with a pair of old denim leggings and a large white sweatshirt.

The creator let her stunning look shine through with her signature raven hair little mascara and a curled back hairstyle. She looked like a pro designer in shot after picture,

cuddling her swollen baby tummy in the loveliest manner imaginable.

The “Awning” diva has already been displaying her burgeoning baby bump in the most stunning following, disclosing she was happy ASAP Roy, she dressed costumed while out on the city.

Fans have been charmed by the pop diva’s maternal splendor. Per an anonymous insider who spoke to Meets recently, she has no plans that cover up very soon.

” A reality star is enjoying the challenge of her motherhood and aims to flaunt her baby bulge anytime she wants.”

She has been waiting a long time to reveal the big news, and that she’s savoring the opportunity to do it in whichever way she deems appropriate” the source stated.

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