Pregnant RiRi came to the restaurant half-naked on her birthday: now all men envy her fiancé

Pregnant RiRi came to the restaurant half-naked on her birthday: now all men envy her fiancé

Rihanna has always been able to make a show of any public appearance, even if it’s just a coffee trip.

Of course, now that everyone’s attention is riveted on the star after the triumphant announcement of her second pregnancy, she could not miss the chance to show off in front of fans and paparazzi.

Moreover, the reason was weighty. Rihanna, who recently turned 35, decided to belatedly celebrate her birthday at a trendy restaurant with A$AP Rocky and their closest friends.

During Rea’s first pregnancy, we already realized that her tummy is not a reason for her to refuse mega-revealing outfits.

Moreover, it seems that Rihanna has introduced a new fashion among pregnant stars for several years ahead. After all, after her, we began to see the most revealing dresses on star expectant mothers much more often.

The singer did not change herself during the second pregnancy. She came to the restaurant in a translucent short tight dress with such a neckline that her underwear was completely visible.

Paradoxically, such outfits do not look vulgar or vulgar on Rihanna. It seems that this style was created specifically for the Barbadian beauty.

Rihanna’s fiancé, A$AP Rocky, also likes her sweetheart’s fashionable looks. All evening he looked at her without taking his eyes off her.

By the way, now A$AP Rocky can really officially be considered a groom. According to RadarOnline, the stars are planning a wedding.

True, they have not yet decided whether the celebration will take place before the birth or after. But it is known for sure that the ceremony will take place in Barbados.

“RiRi’s wedding is going to be classy,” the insider said. They plan to say yes to each other, surrounded by family and friends in the singer’s Caribbean home. Rihanna wants it to be super glamorous, but she also wants to be able to run barefoot.”

By the way, familiar couples said that after the wedding, the stars do not plan to dwell on two children. The singer wants at least four. So, we will see her more than once in unusual “pregnant” outfits.

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