She now has one more tattoo with Her love and the Outcome is AMAZING Look Out the Pics

She now has one more tattoo with Her love and the Outcome is AMAZING, Look Out the Pics

She is a gifted singer, writer, actress, founder of a cosmetics line, mother, and now… tattooist?

They have used their creative abilities to tattoo a KOI goldfish pattern on their lover Aydin’s breast.

“Sat through @iamhalsey’s 1st artwork, and amazing!” Alec said on Snap chat about the henna tattoo.

She took a photograph of Alex’s tattoo beside a cent for scale comparison, much as the experts do, to demonstrate how intricate it is.

Aside from the photo, the ink itself appears to have been done by a professional. The pepper coloring on the tail, especially, doesn’t appear to be from a novice.

We’re not shocked, though, that Shepard can develop such well-executed ideas. Although She is just starting as a designer,

the fish ink will not be the first memorable ink work they’ve shared with Alex. They received matching tattoos on a trip to Desert Tree Nature Reserve in Ca in June y.

They welcomed their first child, in July last year, and the singer has documented their fresh start as parents on Social, as well as spoken up on their love.

For the past 4 years, Alex and I’ve been close pals. And when the planets align, our connection blossomed into love, and it was clear that both he and I were thinking.

Oh, my god! In a conversation with he is in July, The singer remarked, “You’re the one I’m destined to have a home alongside.”

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