Solely Me Gigi’s sisa Hadid Lights up In Rare Beauty Holiday Snaps

Solely Me Gigi’s sisa Hadid Lights up In Rare Beauty Holiday Snaps

She looks clean and gorgeous in 6, the supermodel posted on Instagram a sequence of pictures of herself in various stances at her resort while still on holiday,

appearing deliciously to end up making. “Solely me… straight out of bed…by making it a practical choice,”

she captioned the photo as she stood in a just hardly white strapless gown with silver decorations from various angles.

In the photographs below, the beauty, 25, appeared just as a runway model as she did beachside with fiancé Marc Edelman, 33, at the Martínez Beach Bar in Nice, Italy.

On May 4, the reality star was photographed walking around the bar in a royal blue swimsuit, having some fun in the heat.

The newest rendezvous comes nearly a year since they initially revealed their relationship on social networks with a hugging photo.

The newlyweds were first seen outside with pals in New York around a year earlier, but she was canoodling him in Europe during

Fashion Week because Cannes Film Festival the month later. And though the pair have managed to maintain their romance secret, there are instances when they enjoy amazing times in public.

An insider informed us in January that Isabella is “going to enjoy” her romance with Mark and that things are going nicely.

“On so many levels, Isabella is loving her connection with Eric,” a source Soley told Particular quality.

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