Something was wrong with the dog after visiting the hairdresser

Something was wrong with the dog after visiting the hairdresser

The lady took her pet to the salon for a trim. She did, however, reappear with another four-legged creature after a few days. Tykes Cherry used to take Happy to a grooming facility where the animals were bathed, groomed, and clipped. When the lady picked up her animal following the treatment, they didn’t realize it wasn’t her animal right away.

To get home, she placed phony Lucky in the passenger seat of the automobile. At first, Tykesha assumed the groom had trimmed the puppy’s tad shorter than normal, giving him an unusual appearance. Happy, on the other hand, does not respond to the moniker and frequently looks away and becomes upset, as she found later.

The only assumption was that this was not her pet. Tykes returned the puppy to the groomer to be given to the real owner and reunited with Lucky. She arrived at the same time as another girl, who exclaimed, “Hi, Bentley!” as she saw the puppy in her hands.

“When I questioned, “Is this your puppy?” she said, “Yes.” “Everybody in the salon was taken aback at that point,” Tykesha recalled. As a result, Bentley was restored to his master, and Lucky was given to him.

The groomer was taken aback by the scenario and expressed regret. “When I took Happily, I felt so relaxed. Tykes remarked, “I pray he didn’t witness me depart the hairdresser with that other dog.”

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