The most stylish creation ever

The most stylish creation ever

Teddy the Yorkie is a worldwide celebrity, but events could have gone very otherwise.
A 3 dog was rescued from a shelter and given to a little kid as a surprise gift. However, at the initial check at the veterinarian, it was discovered that the puppy had an inguinal fistula and required surgery.

The family discovered that they could not afford such costs for the doggy, despite their strong attachment to it.
The youngster and his mom then agreed to locate the Yorkie new management. But how did a common dog become an Instagram celebrity with large followings? Teddy’s incredible haircut is the star of the show.

Adriana noted that even when he was a puppy, his head kept its structure after climbing. There are no varnishes or mousses required.
With one quick motion, the Yorkie transformed into Elvis Presley, the King of Ramp;b. Adriana posted an Instagram to the puppy for her – for pleasure – and created Teddy’s public profile.

The girl became obsessed with adorning the dog with neckties, sparkly hoodies, and even spectacles!
Teddy, it turns out, enjoys posing: he constantly looks at the camera, adjusts his “working line” to the lens, and stands immobile for days. Teddy bows and bows his head or grins when commanded.

Following the first picture sessions, the dog began to get advertising offers from all around the globe, with apparel businesses for animals from all over the world writing to the homeowner.

Teddy has his wardrobe, with all of his sweaters and sweatshirts hanging on small hooks — adorably adorable – on one side, rainbow collars on the other, and spectacles and a rather tiara on the bookshelf. Because he has his selection of neckerchiefs, the dog never goes for a stroll nude, even in the warmest heart.

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