The owner realizes that he has a secret second life when his cat returns home with a message in his neck.

The owner realizes that he has a secret second life when his cat returns home with a message in his neck.

Dogs are seen to be more connected to humans than cats, despite their independent nature.

However, this case calls into question everything we know about cats. They obviously enjoy people a lot – and that’s because one person wouldn’t be enough for this animals.

This amusing story took place in Mexico.

Héctor Morales, a young man, began to discover that his cat Nilo, whom he had picked up on the street, was always fleeing the house.

He wasn’t concerned initially; and anyway, the pet usually came back home after adventures. The kitty, on the other hand, began to dwell more and more with time.

The pet returned clean, well-groomed, and even a little… fat after a long absence.

Héctor eventually figured out what was causing the cat’s mysterious wanderings.

Nilo returned home with a note attached to his collar after being gone for three days. “We are ‘Angelo’s second family,” the mysterious note read. “When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours.”

Its author requested that a return message be sent along with the pet, along with Hector’s contact number.

Nilo/Angelo is also not hungry, according to the anonymous source, because he “ate fish before coming.”

Héctor’s astonishment had no ends.

He laughs, “I’m not sure what I should feel when I discover that my cat is cheating on me.”  “Living with two owners must be really hard for him.”

Hector agreed not to be insulted by the pet after some consideration.

“Cats choose who they prefer,” he explains. “And if they’re important to us, we’ll let them make their own decision.”

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