The secretive clouded panther which would be rarely noticed by humans was recorded on film in Nagaland

The secretive clouded panther, which would be rarely noticed by humans, was recorded on film in Nagaland.

On the border of India and Myanmar, a magnificent creature that does not typically attract the attention of people was captured on video.

Scientists have discovered that the elusive clouded panther, which is classified in the Red Book, may survive in nearby areas. A team of researchers captured a magnificent hooded panther traveling through the highlands on camera.

In the Nagaland highlands, a wild cat was sighted moving through a public park.

The animal was spotted at 3700 meters, which is likely one of the highest elevations where jaguars have been seen.

These are moderate feral cats that are listed in the Red List as Endangered.

Creatures usually move in trees, which is why people have such a tough time seeing them.

Over 50 video traps have been set up in the region by the crew.

In 2020, the 1stphoto recording took place, and in September 2021, the second.

“We have proof of at least two adults and two cubs,” says the researcher. At the peak of Mount Saramati, at an altitude of 3,700 m, single specimens were recorded with a camera placed over a line of trees. “Another creature was filmed at a height of, 3437 m,” the scientists said in a statement.

All the information gathered by scientists will aid local governments in developing new choices for the conservation of these forests and their inhabitants.

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