This great actor Marks With the people who were on his side his winning

This great actor Marks With the people who were on his side his winning

He is rejoicing after winning his slander action against old girlfriend Amber Amber. On May 1, even as the decision was announced,

the 5 Daniel Craig actor was pictured exiting The Bridges Tavern bar in Tyneside, Uk, smiling and happy as supporters applauded him.

Johhny moved rapidly but with a smile on his face and even high-fiving a few supporters. While seated in the bar,

he also took photos with great player Jeff BECK, 77, UK musician SAM, 28, and many others.

Johnnie seems to be in the UK since early last week, when he flew in from Va, where he was facing a libel suit, to perform with Jeff in Yorkshire, Uk.

From May, he played a version of John O’neill’s “Exclusion” alongside Miller.

He wore a black and white chequered jacket and black slacks and appeared to be in his environment as he played out on his instrument.

Johnnie did not return to Arlington, Virginia to await the outcome of his case, which had been ongoing since February 12. Johnnie was

chastised by Katie’s representative for failing to appear in court before the judgment. “The fact that you’re here demonstrates your

values.” In a letter to Entertainment Weekly, they claimed, “[He] plays the drums in the UK as [her] awaits for a judgment in Va.”

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