This image will be remembered for a long time! Blake is stunning in this mini top

This image will be remembered for a long time! Blake is stunning in this mini top

Blake Lively had a major bombshell moment last night while out and about in New York City. She was wearing a light crop top, jacket, and skirt combo to the Michael Kors New York Fashion Week event.

Lively displayed her toned midriff in the outfit. With her free curls, scarlet lipstick, and deep side split, she looked like she was straight out of old Hollywood. At the performance, Lively was joined by her sister, Teen Witch actress Robyn Lively.

Ryan Reynolds, Lively’s husband, expressed his love for the look by posting a heart gif beside it on his Instagram Story.

Lively provided a rare glimpse inside the dynamics of the couple’s ten-year relationship on Valentine’s Day. I’ll wait while you find me a better friend. The post’s caption was animated.

Reynolds did not post a tribute to Lively on Instagram on his personal account, although he did offer a loving Mother’s Day tribute to her. “You’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares, it can’t be expressed enough,” he wrote.

I’m appreciative of the love and light you bring into each and every moment of our life. I recognize you in our kids’ eyes. every chuckle Every flinch and vulnerable moment of contemplation. The bravery and strength it takes to be a mother in 2021 is nothing short of heroic. I could never have imagined that this would result from anonymous airport toilet sex. Or how you would ask Dog The Bounty Hunter to look for me.

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