This lovely mom is sharing her newborn kid’s pictures on the internet

This lovely mom is sharing her newborn kid’s pictures on the internet

She recently posted a picture about herself and her newborn baby, along with an even sweeter statement.

“Having lost a most significant person in my life the same year I received my second daughter has impacted everything for me,”

the Pretty Filthy Liars star said on Facebook, “but one thing stays stable in my spirit – I’m convinced they spent some time together that offers me comfort and pleasure.”

She also teased her admirers with a surprise, announcing the name of her infant and the reason behind it. “We’re overjoyed you’ve arrived in Rome,

which was nicknamed after my best friend, lover, and ‘soul,’ my Grandmother Romain. Shay is also an artist.

According to Newsweek, the actress gave birth to two babies lately. The baby was born roughly two days ago, per the publication.

Shan hinted at the announcement of her child’s coming to her adoring fans on September 4 by sharing a sweet IG story of herself posing outside.

“It’s the first time in months that I’ve left the house.” I’ve got a great surprise in store for all of you, and you’ll never guess what it is.

Caitlin Turner, Shay’s girlfriend, questioned off-camera, “Where is that your bulge?” when Shay exposed her flat tummy.

Shay’s companion then zoomed the camera out to people in the crowd who were laughing and screaming in amazement.

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