Touching to tears the story of saving the owner by a dog at the cost of his own life

Touching to tears the story of saving the owner by a dog, at the cost of his own life

Meet William Cooper, also known as Carpenter. He is the most amazing puppy that has ever encountered because he’s been my greatest buddy for the past 15 months.

This is the account of how he perished for the last time, protecting my existence. Jackson was a combination of Huskies, Retriever, and Doberman types.

He had ridiculously puffy ears. I selected him because, among all the yapping kittens, he was the only one who took the time to sniff the blossoms.

He liked going trekking with me and constantly pushed me to keep going and accomplish the mountain.

He was preoccupied with smashing sticks and gnawing on whatever material he might get his hands on.

Also, Mason was the best friend and companion of my older brother. Even after many years, when he saw my brother, he still asked to be held in his arms, as if he were a small puppy.

He was also my elder son’s best buddy and friend. When he met my brother after all these decades, he still requested to be carried in his bosom, as if he were a young puppy.

Everybody who knew him described him as a magnificent puppy who was superior to many individuals they encountered.


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