‘U Need To have a True’ Guy,’ says Kodak on courting Kim K See photos under he is almost dressed like her

‘U Need To have a True’ Guy says Kodak on courting Kim K See photos under he is almost dressed like her

Kodak took to social medias to share a comical edge shot of both him and Kim K wearing identical clothing, including a sly comment implying that they want to be much more than pals.

Last week, after a court pronounced her lawfully free,

Camera Black, 24, is taking his chance with Kim K, 41.

By posting a Snapchat edge picture of her having got bound up in her yellow and black Prada tape gown, which she decided to wear at Hate Couture Week so far coming Saturday,

and him encased up in multiple yellow and black police tape, the rapper gave a shout-out to the Keeping

Up with the Kim k celebrity, who is going to marry Pete. He, such as Kim, was dressed all in black underneath the rope.

His fans were eager to reply to his attempt to get Kim’s notice, and the message became viral. One fan quipped, “wait until Kanye sees this,” alluding to Kim’s now-ex West.

“Now don’t toy in Ye,” said the other. Many more voiced their support by leaving smiling emoji and even thumbs emoticons.

It’s not the first occasion Kodak has attempted a relationship with Kim. He reached out with her in 2018 after accusing Kanye of being on

“Some stupid sh*t” in a video published at almost the same period as reports of a troubled relationship were circulating.

“Look, if you’re sick of that overlay n*GGA Kanye because he’s doing something foolish, dude f*ck with me.” In the video, which is seen here, he says”Foul odors with such a genuine Haitian kid.

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