Wei Page and Jonathon Lane stars of Bridgerton meet at the Armani Runway Show

Wei Page and Jonathon Lane stars of Bridgerton meet at the Armani Runway Show

Because once Wei Pages, and Jonathan Bayley, reconnected in Milano, Italy on July 20, they looked dashing. In Haute Couture Week,

the Bridgertoon celebrities attended the GEORGIO thing performance and decided to shoot for photographs together while strolling in elegant clothing.

Johnathan donned a dark lined key on the keyboard hard blouse, dark boots, with dark and light shoes, while Wei wore a dark jacket over a dark top, dark slacks, with tan and light sneakers.

Well before costume party, the erstwhile founder allegedly went out now with Mads Mikkel, Emily in Edinburgh’s Lucas Casanova,

Scott Westmoreland, basketball player Cole Anderson, and Mother of the Wedding actor Francisco Boneta in the Italian city.

They both wore glasses to provide a stylish touch to their ensembles, and they seemed as happy as can be as they spoke and welcomed the photographers.

Johnathan was photographed at a separate special ceremony in Firenze just under a week before his last appearance with Lin.

On July 14, he and Game of thrones Woodley addressed the Sandro Binding characteristic or trait Summer Gala, and he looked just as good as he did in Milano.

Collection also includes donned a grey coat over a light thing and gray slacks, while he wearig a powder sunny tweed coat with a sky yellow taskbar icon short and a cyan, pink, and light thing necktie.

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