What will happen next? Emily commented on the relationship with Harry

What will happen next? Emily commented on the relationship with Harry

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Beer-McClard broke up last summer. They wrote that the producer changed models more than once. In a new interview, the cover star admitted that she was going through a difficult divorce.

In a conversation with reporters, the Los Angeles Times said that the breakup is one of the “most traumatic experiences in a lifetime.” She also added that she was not ready to talk about the gap in detail, because she “does not want to jeopardize the receipt of custody.”

“I learned that outspoken women don’t often get their children.” The star also said that she “still doesn’t think about guys.” “I work, I’m a single mother,” Ratajkowski added. Emily, bye? What about kissing Harry? They don’t count, do they?

By the way, not so long ago, the star was photographed during a kiss with Harry Styles. Some tabloids wrote that they had already been dating for two months. And before that, she was seen more than once with comedians Eric Andre and Pete Davidson.

In February 2018, Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Beer-McClard got married after three months of dating. For several years, the lovers enjoyed each other’s company, and in 2021, a replenishment took place in their family – the couple had a son, Sylvester.

And last summer it became known that the couple broke up. They wrote that the gap occurred due to the endless betrayals on the part of Sebastian. Earlier we wrote that the producer was accused of sexual harassment.

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