Will Raven-Simone be ready to return to the Cheetah Girls? Here is what she said

Will Raven-Simone be ready to return to the Cheetah Girls? Here is what she said

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Raven-Symoné shared her thoughts on doing a Cheetah Girls reunion with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and sent her co-star love on her new role.
Amigas cheetahs, friends for life!

Such is the case for Raven-Symoné and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, who appeared together in the famous Disney films The Cheetah Girls back in 2003. While it’s been just about two decades since they strutted onto our screens, the That’s So Raven star shared her thoughts on possibly reuniting with her co-star in the future.

“You know what, if it’s with her,” she teased in an exclusive interview with E! News in an exclusive interview on Nov. 20 at Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium show. “You know.”

While a Cheetah Girls reunion is still up in the air, Raven said she’s “proud” of her co-star for her latest milestones, including her new role on E! News. “Congratulations, Adrienne! I’m so proud of you!” the former The View co-host said. “Good for you, boo.”

Earlier this year, Raven got the chance to collaborate with Adrienne once again in season five of Raven’s Home on Disney Channel.
Speaking to E! News in March, she shared just how Adrienne came to be involved in the project and what it was like working with her after so many years.

“The writers came to me,” Raven said, “and I think we had already done like the first episode and they were like, ‘Are you friends with Adrienne?’ And I was like, ‘Adrienne? Are you talking about Choo-Chi? My Choo-Chi? Of course!'”

She added, “Then the next thing I know she is the principal of Bayside High and killing the game.”

Prior to this, the pair had last worked together in 2006 for The Cheetah Girls 2, where Raven starred as Galleria and Adrienne played the part of Chanel. And it seems as though no time has passed at all since the last shared the screen.

“She is so funny,” Raven added, “so professional, we have such a good time when she’s there and she’s down for the cause.”

Raven shared that despite her friend’s impressive career, Adrienne has remained true to who she has always been.

“You know she’s had such an amazing career to where her attitude could be ridiculous but she is the same person I met 15 years ago,” she explained. “She is the same human that is like, I love this industry and I want to do the best that I can and I want to grow.”

Watch Raven tease a possible Cheetah Girls reunion—and see if she’s interested in joining the cast of Princess Diaries 3—in the video above!

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