Еlizabеth Сhambеrs аcknowledges to overlooking рainful disgrace movie

Еlizabеth Сhambеrs аcknowledges to overlooking рainful disgrace movie

Liz recently was talking about how it was watching horrible scenes involving her ex.

She talk about her feelings regarding that movie, first when she saw that she did not want to carry on with that as there was his ex-partner.

Even though she is an adult and more than an adult but she did not want to say that many stories with a lot of women,

she will never let her kids watch that movie, even though understands that it is the way of art and it has a lot to teach people,

like not to believe everybody, and be aware of everything that can happen. In that movie, you can see a lot of heartbreaking stories,

not only one or two, and the saddest part of the story is that people like that exist in real life too, and they can be around us.

In that movie, you mentally are trying to help that woman, but you can do nothing about it, you just need to set down and suffer with them.

In the middle of the movie, you are feeling like you are one of the victims, and you are starting to think of a victim.

She fully supported her ex-partner and went with him as she knew that he will need that support.

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