Сhеr & Орrаh Winfrеy complete rеd саrpet impressions in LA рremiere

Сhеr & Орrаh Winfrеy complete rеd саrpet impressions in LA рremiere

The singer was looking adorable in the show. She was the most stylish there and tried to repeat one of the styles that she used to have when she was young.

It consisted of the white dress, which was covering the whale her body, it had very interesting soldiers and hands.

She also was weaning diamonds on her ears, they had a round shape. Her make-up was done by professionals. also was her heart.

They were halfway up and the other half down, in other words, she was looking amazing that day.

Cher was wearing in the style that she used to too. She was all in black, ad the only colorful thing on her e could see were her red chicks and colorful eyeshadow.

This two were looking iconic that night. They were sitting in their places and the only occasion they stood up was when people were

presenting the movies they were in and when they were talking about Sidney. He has a show which was telling about the black stars’ life and fame.

He has died but he has very strong movies which are reminding of him every time in shows. Also, there was his daughter, who is carrying his name.

Despite their ages, these two are the ones here who are telling styles, we can be sure about that.

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