60 yearold Demi Moore showed a luxurious figure in a biкini

60 yearold Demi Moore showed a luxurious figure in a biкini

The celebrity arranged a beach holiday for her beloved Chihuahua Pilaf.

American actress Demi Moore has once again made those who are still wondering whether to go to the gym to work on a good figure or ignore it.

The actress published a couple of photos in which she showed a beach look with her beloved dog Pilaf and once again admired her youthfulness and toned body.

In the first photo, Demi poses while lying on a sofa with pillows. She’s wearing a leopard print biкini with her dog sitting on her chest. In the second photo, the actress is already in denim shorts and a T-shirt on the beach, holding the animal in a special sling for him.

The star’s eyes are hidden behind stylish sunglasses, and her hair is loose and fluttering in the wind. “Beautiful! Pilaf is a much better name for a dog than a dish,” “You’re not getting old,” “Beautiful woman,” “Incredible,” they write in the comments .

Note that animal print biкinis are a 2023 trend among stars. Most recently, 57-year-old Elizabeth Hurley presented a new collection of swimweаr for her brand and also tried on a swimsսit with a “predatory” pattern, and at the same time showed off a figure that 30-year-olds might envy.

As for Demi, she has repeatedly starred in swimsսit advertisements and has her own line. According to her, even mature women deserve to look sеxy and desirable on the beaches.

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